About EllieO

It's not just clothing. It's a lifestyle. EllieO is inspired by modern style and driven by the classics. We believe in capturing your style with a unique look while remaining timeless.

Our mission is to delivery quality products coupled with comfort and style to make your day better!

EllieO was founded in May 2013, by a one-woman show. During our first year, we experienced a 800% growth, quickly out growing our small basement office.

In 2014, we moved to our first office and hired a few friends. In 2015, we moved to even bigger office and hired more people, proving the American Dream is alive and well. Today, we are still in our even bigger office successfully growing in sales each year.

Our History

EllieO was founded while Ashley Miller Rice, Owner/President, operated her embroidery business as a hobby and worked in apparel industry. The driving force behind the idea came when she wanted to combine the love her of hobby and professional experience. Ashley started sketching designs, speaking with customers, researching blank apparel, meeting with businesses and industry-leading experts to create EllieO!

We believe our apparel and blanks should fit properly, be uniquely styled and constructed with thick, high-quality fabrics to hold up to the embroidery and appliqué process.
All of our fabrics are hand -selected, constructed and tested before production; giving our customers excellent quality.
We thank you for your business and support! We are committed to the high-quality, unique embroidery blanks to help your business grow while providing outstanding customer service and shipping. We look forward to a long, prosperous business relationship!

Meet the Team


As the brains behind EllieO, a manufacturer and apparel distributor brand, Ashley Miller Rice has proven just how one woman can go about her life with smarts, courage and tenacity.
She is somewhat of a “Business MacGyver”, loving to mix and match technologies and processes to create sustainable products for a purpose while enjoying everyday business operational challenges. After successfully starting a consulting business in college, she worked with top brands at an advertising agency, then moved on to operate US sales for a national children’s apparel company. Her hobby and embroidery business quickly became full-time and the idea of EllieO was born while combining her professional experience with expert industry contacts. Ashley will be the first to claim “nine-to-five just doesn’t flatter! and the best things come unexpectedly!”

In 2016, she was awarded Triad Business Journal Top 40 under 40 and the Greensboro Chamber of Commerce Business Women of the Year in 2017.

Typical Ashley: Endless optimism….”of course there is a way to do that”

Favorite Color: Blue

Personal Motto: “To think is easy. To act is hard. But the hardest thing in the world is to act in accordance with your thinking.” – Joann Wolfgang von Goethe

Guilty Pleasure: Excel, HGTV and bourbon with friends

Passionate About: Family, strategic operations and spontaneous dance parties

Favorite Spot on Earth: Anywhere with a chair where my toes are in the sand at the water’s edge

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